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Delivering On Your Network Marketing Promise

It is a big deal to keep promises in any kind of business. In network marketing, this is especially true to cynical people. It is not just the cynics that are critics; there are other MLM professionals that watch out for misbehavior.

Old School MLM Lessons

MLM can teach us many things in life and therefore with proper respect we should take the lessons of the past and adjust our game plans accordingly. At any given time, we should always be looking to push our business forward and improve the way we market and handle our affairs.

Multi Level Marketing Tips – The Person In Charge

You have a multi level marketing business and everything is going according to plan right? No! What’s wrong? Are you making the progress that you want to make? Are you where you want to be in your life? Why not? Who is the person in charge here? The simple truth is, as long as we look outside ourselves for the reasons why things are not working out for us, we will never fix the problem. The person staring back from the mirror is the person in charge.

Are You a Business Owner Over 50?

As a business owner over 50 you are known as a Grandtrepreneur. This article sets out to explore what this means and my personal story.

Starving Children – World Hunger Facts

Worldwide the statistics are awful. A person dies from starvation every 4 to 10 seconds on planet earth. The variation is caused by how deaths are counted and attributed to malnutrition. Sadly there is enough food to feed everyone on the planet. Food is available but distribution remains a problem so hunger around the world remains a problem. And so every few seconds a starving child succumbs. Tragic!

If You Are Too Empathetic You’ll Become Sympathetic and Then You’ll Be Pathetic -The 3 Stages of MLM

The path to success in network marketing is a tricky one, to say the least. There are many distractions that can take us away from our goals. For novices to MLM, it is vitally important to realize that you cannot solve everyone’s problems – hence the quote in the title to this article. It resonates with me, and it should resonate with you and your downline as well if you want to have the greatest chance of becoming a success in network marketing.

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