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In Business for the Long Haul

If you are expecting instant gratification, look elsewhere. You enrolled in a Network Marketing business for a long term opportunity to generate substantial income. You locked into a system for training and motivation, and you build an organization one step at a time. This business takes persistent and consistent effort over an extended period of time to be successful.

Tthe Secret to Becoming Successful In Network Marketing

Hey you, Dawn Fields here. I just finished playing on Facebook and meeting a few new friends when I got the idea to write this article for you. Me meeting friends on Facebook had nothing to do with this article, but it is times like these, when I am doing something totally relaxing and enjoyable, that great ideas always seem to come to me.

I Believe You May Be Brainwashed

Do you know what always bothers me? What bothers me is the fact that there are powers that be that are actually brainwashing us to believe certain things and to behave certain ways. And because they are so good at what they do, most of us refuse to believe that we are victims of their brainwashing.

The Art of Handling Excuses

The following are ten common excuses you will no doubt hear at one time or another while building your network marketing business. The really peculiar thing about these is they are the exact same reason another person might use to build the business!

Retirement With Financial Dignity

People all over the world are facing retirement ill prepared financially for the challenges of living on a minimal fixed income. The is a huge need for economic alternatives that retired people can pursue from the comfort of their own homes. There are viable options that can allow a person to retire with financial dignity.

Be a Student of the Business

In Network Marketing it is critically important to always be a student of the business, forever seeking to get better at building it, better at presenting it, better at dealing with the challenges people face, or simply to keep up with the changes affecting the industry. If you think you have it mastered, it is time to go back and study some more!

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