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The Who’s Who Of Network Marketing: Who Is Eric Worre?

Ask anyone in the know for the top name in Network Marketing and the only way you’re going to get an answer that isn’t Eric Worre is if you ask Eric Worre himself. For more than a quarter of a century, Eric Worre has positioned himself in the right place at the right time, leading to his current status as the most knowledgeable and professional Network Marketing experts in the world.

Are You Ready For Network Marketing?

‘Networking Marketing’ is oftentimes referred to as ‘Direct Selling’ or ‘Multi-Level Marketing’ (MLM). There are a number of people who are convinced that all of these types of companies are pyramid schemes. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Let’s examine what a ‘Pyramid Scheme’ is. In a pyramid scheme a person starts a company and convinces other people to invest a certain amount of money, telling them they are compensated by recruiting other people who also invest and join the company. Normally there is no product or service associated with a pyramid scheme.

Avoiding the Network Marketing Creative Pitfall

What happens when a network marketing professional runs out of the creative juice? This could mean a screeching halt in a campaign, marketing strategy or even worse events.

Good Things About Network Marketing Companies

Network marketing companies are perfect for anyone looking to start a small business from home. Multi-level marketing businesses offer a home based business opportunity for entrepreneurs that is ideal for many reasons.

Worried About Retirement? Consider These Solutions

If you are getting close to retirement, you may be asking yourself some questions. Can I retire early? Have I saved enough money? What will I do if I run out of money? Find some solutions to these questions and more.

How The Network Marketing Industry Originated

Network marketing originated over 60 years ago when business leaders realized that they could make more sales with a lot of sales representatives selling a small amount of a product each, compared to the traditional business model, of trying to have a few sales representatives selling a lot. These independent sales representatives were comprised of satisfied customers who were willing to introduce the products or services to their friends and family who in turn became sales representatives.

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