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Three Factors That Determine Your Success In Your Network Marketing Business

There are three major factors that determine our success or failure in any endeavor including our network marketing business. They are the stories we tell ourselves, our plan or strategy for how to succeed, and our state. In his book, “Money Master The Game”, Tony Robbins tells us, “If you want to change your life you have to change your strategy, you have to change your story, and you have to change your state”. Let’s examine these one at a time.

Using Twitter for Your Marketing

Twitter can mean more business for your marketing business. Many networkers try to forget Twitter as a practical means.

5 Reasons to Start Up a Network Marketing Business

Starting up any business takes a certain amount of determination and choosing to start a network marketing business is no exception to this rule. Here are a few reasons other people have for getting started. Does it apply to you?

Are Your MLM Potentials Top-Quality, Average, or Sub-Par?

If you waited for the perfect prospect, you would probably never, or almost never, get anyone in your downline. And your business would never become profitable! For the largest checks, you need the best downline.

Network Marketing: Why Traditional Prospecting And Lead Generation Fail!

Have you ever wondered why millions upon millions of people want what network marketing has to offer (residual income, time freedom), but a very low percentage actually achieve it? Does that mean the remainder of the people that were once in love quickly fell out of love with the dream of residual income and time freedom? Or was the training they received on prospecting and lead generation an archaic, Industrial generation way of thinking?

Ways to Do Business From Home That You Haven’t Thought Of

Affiliate marketing online is a way of doing business from home that many think about as hard to master and for that reason is overlooked as a serious proposition. Here are a few facts to help overcome some beliefs around this.

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